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There are several videos and interviews with Fr Dennis Mullen, where he answers most of the questions in our FAQs. We have added them to the FAQs themselves where appropriate

If you have any additional questions that you would like to have answered, please don’t hesitate to use our contact form and ask!

I’m Father Dennis Mullen and we have been working on an adoption initiative to assist families who want to adopt children with the expenses of the adoption.  We are interested in having people be as free as possible from that concern as part of the adoption process.  Our main goal is to help people with the financial responsibilities that go along with adoption. (0:00-1:15)

Yes.  You may also apply for expenses that were involved in the adoption and ongoing such as visitation expenses for an open adoption.(7:02-7:27)

I gave up my right to have children when I became a priest.  At the same time I see children discarded, too many in unstable homes that are dangerous or abusive for them.  There are also a lot of children in foster care.  Children need a stable, good home. They need a good father and mother.  I see that in my parishes that I have had and in our society in general.  We need to do better for our children. (1:15-2:37)


We have no formal contractual relationship, but we are getting the word out about the work we do to our local Pregnancy Help Center as well as Catholic Charities and Lutheran Social Services in Eau Claire. (5:29-7:02)

The FR. Dennis Mullen Adoption Initiative can provide information about the process of adoption, considerations prior to your decision, and guidance through the process of adoption.

Yes. Please contact us, and we would be glad to help.

Phone: 715.566.1781
email: mullen1223@yahoo.com

Single persons are most welcome to adopt. (2:46-3:12)

Before we will consider an application, the applicants should be approved for adoption through their local county government and their screening process. After that, there are expenses that can go along with preparing a home to meet the standards that are expected in an adopting situation. There might be expenses associated with traveling to another country in the case of international adoption. If it is a domestic adoption, there may be travel within the United States to meet with the child and local governments. If there is an open adoption, there might be conditions associated with traveling to meet with the biological father or mother. The above examples are the type of expenses that the fund may be able to assist with. (1:15-2:37)

The committee consists of people who have adopted.  We have one person on the committee who has adopted eight children and will adopt again next spring.  The mother of that family is on our committee and can give a lot of insight on working your way through the application process. She also works with training foster care parents here in Barron County and is well qualified.  We also have another mother who has adopted two children, one adoption being international and the other domestic.  They bring experience and insight to our committee and an understanding of the process.  We are happy to have them with our group. (3:12-5:29)

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